About the Summit Study Group

“Our members bring about a different level of leadership that we feel is much needed in the wealth planning community.”

The Summit Study Group binds creative, innovative and dedicated financial service professionals together by sharing resources and educational materials.  Its purpose is to provide mutual support and growth in an educational context to broaden understanding within the financial planning and financial services professions.

The Summit Study Group was formed in 2005 for the purpose of bringing together some of the top business and personal financial advisors from across the country to share their individual expertise. The objective is to achieve an even higher level of personal growth and professional development. We currently have fourteen members, all of whom are top professionals in their respective field of expertise, and each with several years of experience. A prospective member is carefully screened before he or she is invited to join the study group. They are members of our study group on a provisional basis for the first year.

Carefully selected guests are invited to speak before the group at our summer and winter meetings. Every meeting is evaluated as to content and benefit to the group and input is given to the host of the next meeting. As a result, each member has benefited in personal and professional development, with the ultimate benefit to the community and clients they serve.